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Dr. Mehreen Khan is the Chief Nephrologist and President at Kidney and Hypertension Care Center.   She has been working in the field of Nephrology since 2007.   She has been Board Certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine.  She is a graduate of world recognized Dow University of Health Sciences.   She completed her Internal Medicine residency and Nephrology fellowship at Louisiana State University, Health Sciences Center - Shreveport.  At LSU, she received training in Clinical, Interventional and Transplant Nephrology.  Currently, she works as Clinical and Transplant Nephrologist and works closely with her Dialysis, and Kidney Transplant patients. As a Kidney Specialist, she is professionally affiliated with American Society of NephrologyRenal Physicians AssociationTexas Medical Association and Harris County Medical Association.

As a nephrologist,  her goal is to initiate and provide comprehensive care to her patients with kidney disorders on a personal level.  On their journey to recovery, she gets acquainted with her patients on individual basis and seek to understand their problems and needs - physical, emotional, spiritual and social.  She believes in open communication and maintain close relationship with her patients and their family members throughout the treatment plan.   This helps in developing mutual trust between patients, family members and health care professionals at other institutions.  These values promote implementation of effective treatment plan in a timely manner.

Our Dialysis Philosophy

Chronic kidney disease often progresses to stage 5 despite early diagnosis and aggressive treatment.  If you are still in stage 3 or 4 of chronic kidney disease, you are still able to live without dialysis.  Even though the kidneys are damaged, they are still able to filter some wastes and excess fluid from the blood.  The primary focus at stages 3 and 4 is keeping your body well nourished, reducing protein waste build-up in the blood, and managing other conditions you may have by taking your prescribed medications and keeping your regularly scheduled doctor appointments.   It is important that your blood is checked at regular intervals by a nephrologist (i.e., kidney doctor, kidney specialist or renal specialist) so that he or she can monitor your kidney function and make adjustments in your diet and medications as needed. Don't delay in getting a professional evaluation of your kidney function.   If you are in Stage 3 or 4 of chronic kidney disease, you may still be able to make your kidneys last longer by taking steps to slow further kidney damage.

Being a nephrologist, Dr. Mehreen Khan likes to provide assistance to her patients in making informed decisions related to their health and offer various dialysis treatment options to help improve their well being.  She strongly recommends consistency and continuity of care in maximizing the positive outcome of the treatment of dialysis patients.

When Do You Need Dialysis

Please click on the 'Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)' section on this page for detailed explaination on different stages of chronic kidney disease.   To consistently offer superior level of care to all our dialysis patients, staff at KHCC follows highest industry standards in establishing suitable candidacy of dialysis patients.   There are many variables involved in the selection of an appropriate dialysis treatment plan for a dialysis patient.   A specific dialysis treatment plan needs to be established for each dialysis patient based on his or her individual medical needs.   We always implement latest recommendations and guidelines offered by leading National and International Research organizations on various dialysis treatment options availble to dialysis patients.   There are several different ways of dialysis and our staff can help assist you in evaluating which type of dialysis can medically benefit you the most along with promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We provide dialysis treatments to a sizeable ESRD patient population at several dialysis centers near Texas Medical Center and in South-East part of Houston.  We manage dialysis treatment plans with higher level of care to reduce risk of dialysis related hospitalization of ESRD patients.  

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